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We are the infinitely large country

Scythia is a state without borders and territories.
It unifies people at the basis of voluntarism and individual choice.
These are people connected with the common choice, similar way of thinking and friendship.
It is a nation trying to revive and raise culture and customs of Scythia Magna.
At the same time we consider Human Rights, careful treatment of nature and tolerance to be main values of our life.
This is breaking racist and nationalist stereotypes, non-aggressive though very assured eliminating xenophobia and nationalism.
And also, this is mutual help and support wherever scythians are.
All this produces atmosphere not only of “new kind of ethnicity” but also of brotherhood and solidarity.

Everybody could become Scythian

It is inner choice of a human being to become Scythian. Ethnicity in the modern world is defined not by color of one's skin, eyes, hairs etc. and even not by place of birth, but rather by personal inner choice. It should not be just a game or a mask for some days, but it should be real choice of own way, own place and own community.


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